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      Zhengzhou Jin Tai Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

      2204 E# Weilai Garden Weilai Road Zhengzhou China



      3D Double Motion Mixer
      JHL-1000 automatic JHX processing line

      Mixed volume of material

      Mixer power

      JHL-1000 double motion JHX1000 liters mixer processing line is JINHE company designed for 3M Chinese company. It include automatic feeding, automatic mixture, automatic discharging and auto packing. 

      1. Dust-free feeding system with dust collector
            - Dust of powder  which the worker put in  can be avoided during the unpacking process with the help of the dust collecting fan.

      2. JHX1000 double motion mixer machine(Note the attached pictures)
           - material : SS304
           - The 1000liters ribbon double motion mixer has discharge rotary valve with size of 10 inch
           - Each batch capacity should be 1600Kg
           - Powder Density 0.4Kg/L
           - working capacity for the 2000liters ribbon mixer not less than 2000L .
           - The JHX double motion powder mixer should be come with Liquid spray feeding system (3Nozzles, and 600L/h dosing pump, and 250L SS304 liquid tank)
           - The mixer should has a (plat form) to Allow the workers to observe the mixing and sometimes put the material in the blender

      3. Storage tank for final product.(out of the pictures)
           - The storage tank should be come with 6 inch rotary valve to transfer the finish product to the filling machine
           - The storage tank should has a legs to reach to screw loading
           - The storage tank working capacity should be the same with ribbon mixer

      4.Ton packing loading system (Note the attached pictures)
          one ton one time feeding with metal separator

      Note that All part should be made from SS304\\