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      Zhengzhou Jin Tai Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

      No.1 Zhongxing Road in Xinzheng City, Henan, China.

      Tel. : +86-037165616636

      Fax. : +86-371-65613933

      Good, Many, Fast and Save
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      Good:  High Technology  

      The mixing effect could satisfy your manufacturing need in every aspect.

      By equipped with the double movement system ,the new patent mixer could mix the materials sufficiently. Under the effect of the twirling internal blades and charging barrel, the materials inside are better mixed than the traditional mixer.

      It solves the problem in mixing the powder of different weight ,because of the high efficiency of the innovative operating system. Therefore ,the powder could meet the condition of the manufacturing standards. It is a big technology progress in the mixing industry.

      Many:  High capacity Rate

      Compared with the traditional three dimensional mixer and V type mixer , the charging rate of our double movement mixer could reach to 75% for its unique operating system . the traditional mixer’s charging rate could only limited around 50% because of their mixing principle depending on the convection of the internal space. Furthermore ,it could save more factory space and procurement cost.

      Fast: Time saving

      Adopting the double movement system , the new mixing machine could increase the mixing efficiency to the most extent .Compared with the traditional mixers , it could save 50% time to meet the mixing criteria. Consequently the corporation could save more circulating fund and precious energy in the manufacturing course.
      In terms of the materials needing high mixing standards ,our new double movement mixer ‘s excellent performance is more obvious .

      Save: Money saving

      Saving time 50%,electricity 70% and 30%space, the new patent double movement mixer has thoroughly transformed the previous mixing concept. At the same time ,it is safer during the operating course and even unnecessary to use the guarding railing.
      Owing to the high efficiency of the mixer ,it saves time to make it more convenient to undertake the manufacturing task ;in addition, more electricity is saved in the mixing course .At the same time ,more space and money are saved to make the corporation make progress in differentaspect in the manufacturing activities .