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      Zhengzhou Jin Tai Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

      2204 E# Weilai Garden Weilai Road Zhengzhou China



      Feeding Machine Series
      JHVF Vacuum Conveyor Feeding Machine

      Mixed volume of material

      Mixer power

      JINHE NEW factory Show 
      JHVF vacuum conveyor Working Principle

      A) The vacuum pump generates a vacuum through the separation vessel of the vacuum feeder. The material from the feed through the suction hose and suction port inhalation.
      B) Separate air and material in the filter compartment of the separation vessel and collect the material in the silo. The cyclone prevents fine powder from entering the filter to improve the efficiency of the filter.
      C) When the bin is filled with material, the vacuum pump is automatically closed and the pressure in the conveyor is balanced. The discharge valve opens and the material flows out through the discharge port and falls directly into the storage container.
      D) When the material is discharged, the filter compartment is automatically cleaned by the recoil airbag. Its special vibrator can assist the cutting, in order to improve the efficiency of conveying viscous material.
      E) The discharge compartment is closed and the entire delivery process is started again.

      Characteristics of product

      A) sealed transport, no dust leakage, no cross-contamination;
      B) meet the GMP standards to meet the CIP requirements, can provide sterile grade products;
      C) modular design, put an end to the dead, disassembly, cleaning fast and convenient;
      D) effective solution to the phenomenon of powder particles stratification;
      E) the effective elimination of static material, no pollution to the surrounding environment;
      F) automatic control, simple operation, convenient;
      G) the work process without heat generation, safety explosion;
      H) no vibration, low noise, energy efficient, operation, maintenance costs low.


      A) pharmaceutical industry powder materials, particulate materials, mixed materials (the delivery process will not produce stratification phenomenon), tablets, cell pills, capsules and so on;
      B) food industry additives, raw materials, candy, cell fat sugar pills, cocoa powder, monosodium glutamate, crystal, etc .;
      C) chemical raw materials, dyes, flammable, explosive materials and toxic and hazardous materials;
      D) industrial raw materials, waste and other materials;
      E) bulk materials for 

      Production Introduction


      Equipment and Constitution Picture
      Production Advantage

      Technical Parameters

      Type Motor Power(KW) Capacity(kg/h)
      JHVF-1 1.5 200-400
      JHVF-2 2.2 300-600
      JHVF-3 3 600-900
      JHVF-4 4 900-1200
      JHVF-5 5.5 1200-1500
      JHVF-7 7.5 1500-1800
      JHVF-7 7.5 2200-4000
      JHVF-7 7.5 3500-6000