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      Zhengzhou Jin Tai Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

      No.1 Zhongxing Road in Xinzheng City, Henan, China.



      UTC won the award for the JINTAI best customers
      Time  2019-07-04     Browsing times  次
      UTC   ranks among the world’s most respected and innovative companies. 
      To maintain our market leadership, we continue to make substantial investments 
      in the development of game-changing technologies and operate a central 
      research organization to leverage technological breakthroughs across the 
      company. UTC was included among the world’s 100 most innovative companies 
      by Thomson Reuters in 2013 for the second consecutive year. 
      Since UTC bought JHX200 stainless steel horizontal double motion mixer in 2013.

      This mixing machinery help the lab of UTC to finish   some Powder metallurgy projects.

      Now UTC have a very good evaluation of this JHX200 mixer machine.
      Company Overview
      UTC Building & Industrial Systems' elevator, escalator, fire safety, security, bui?lding automation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and services promote safer, smarter and sustainable buildings.

      More information about UTC http://www.utc.com/Pages/Home.aspx