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      Zhengzhou Jin Tai Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

      2204 E# Weilai Garden Weilai Road Zhengzhou China



      Powder Machinery
      High Speed Double Side Labeling Machine

      Mixed volume of material

      Mixer power

      JINHE NEW factory Show 
      \Machine Size: 2800*1650*1500mm
      Output Speed: 60-350 pcs/min
      Hight Label Object: 30-350mm
      Thickly Label object: 20-120mm
      Label Hight: 15-140mm
      Label Length: 25-300mm
      Pastes the sign precision: +-1mm
      Roll inside: 76mm
      Roll Outside Diameter: 420mm
      Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz 3.5kw
      Weight: 450kg
      Production Introduction
      Equipment and Constitution Picture