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      Electrical & mechanical assembly

      We perform or supervise every step of your project from assembly to final commissioning. We can offer you a complete quality service with respect of your deadlines. The installation of our equipment in your premises is performed by our technicians everywhere in the world. Pre-assembly is carried out in our workshops. The assembly of your production line includes handling, mechanical assembly, supporting piping and electrical wiring.

      Our assembly service includes:

      • Mechanical and electrical supervision
      • Mounting of the equipment provided by Palamatic
      • Installation of pipe supports, cablofils ...
      • Supportage of the equipment provided by Palamatic
      • Wiring between the cabinet and equipment
      • Wiring and pneumatic connection
      • Ground handling and lifting equipment (forklift truck, telescopic forklift…)
      • Equipment for operator access (nacelle, scaffolding)

      Our technicians and supervisors are qualified: chemical hazards N1 & N2, Caces (forklift truck, platform)

      In subcontracting: MASE certification

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