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      Powder automated production lines

      I. Introduction :

      Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military , scientific research , transportation, commercial, medical , service and the family . Use of automation technology can not only put people from the heavy manual labor , some mental and poor and dangerous working conditions of liberation, but also to extend human organ function , greatly improve labor productivity , enhance human capacity to understand the world and transform the world .

      Large-scale automation systems equipment, also known as automated devices. Machine or device in the absence of intervention procedures or instructions required by the automatic operation or process control . Thus , automation is an important condition and significant sign of industry, agriculture , national defense and science and technology modernization.

      Automation is specialized in the research and development of intelligent automatic control, digital , network controllers and sensors , production and sales of high-tech companies , many of its functional modules , complete embedded solutions can best meet the individual needs of many users .


      Two , PLC automatic control system :

      Company designs products from the control of a single mixing device to monitor the whole process of process equipment , control equipment from a decentralized to a centralized management device ; from simple push-button control to advanced LCD touch screen control . Every aspect of the design strictly follow the principle of balance of system reliability and flexibility to ensure that each control system has adaptability, integrity , practicality and reliability.


      Third, the strategic direction :

      Zhengzhou Jintai control according to the conditions and requirements that you provide for your tailor-made set of efficient and stable operation of the mixing process automated production lines . Whether the system offers simple and complex , Kim people are willing to serve you ;

      Zhengzhou Jintai quality products , reasonable price , perfect service, to provide you with advanced and sophisticated automation expertise and supporting products , combined with their wealth of engineering experience to provide you with a complete automation solution.


      Four drawings






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